ASUS Tinker Edge T powers self-driving car at Maker Faire Taipei 2019

9th May 2018


The ASUS Tinker Edge T single-board computer (SBC) created both a stir and a steer at the 2019 Maker Faire Taipei ( Attendees at the annual gathering of international makers and shakers were wowed by the performance of the autonomous, AI-driven Donkey Car - with a powerful a Tinker Edge T under its hood.

Donkey Car

Donkey Car is the popular open-source platform for small-scale, self-driving DIY cars that makes it easy with for anyone to get into autonomous driving and robotics. Drawing on the raw edge-computing power of Tinker Edge T's ARM-based NXP i.MX 8M processor, the model exhibited by Donkey Car at Maker Faire Taipei successfully navigated a number of courses without direct human input.

Donkey Car

The results of this unique collaboration between ASUS and Donkey Car delighted both participants and spectators at the convention, with many remarking on the amazing edge-computing performance of Tinker Edge T that powered the self-driving showcase.

The fast track to AI success

Not content with kitting out the high-performance Tinker Edge T SBC that provided the AI-powered driving force behind Donkey Car's autonomous navigation, ASUS engineers also designed and managed the installation of a special racetrack for Maker Faire Taipei.

The track also served as an arena for AI refinement, allowing competitors to both collect and clean data, experiment with different machine-learning models and verify various test configurations - all in one convenient, self-contained location.

Donkey Car