ASUS Announces Tinker Edge T

7th Jan 2020

Tinker Edge T

Single-board computer for AI application features the Google Edge TPU, ARM processor, an advanced power design and tools for easy system setup.


  • AI accelerator: Specially designed to execute state-of-the-art neural networks at high speed and with a low power-cost.
  • More connectivity options for developers: Includes a rich I/O interface, full-size HDMI port and programmable LEDs
  • Multi-platform tools: Neural network tools simplify utilize machine-learning models and OS flash tool enables fast and easy system setup
  • Carefully considered features: Provide a superior experience for first-time builders and seasoned hobbyists alike

NXP i.MX 8M processor

With its powerful and modern quad-core ARM-based NXP i.MX 8M processor, Tinker Edge T offers a powerful solution for graphics, machine vision, video, audio, voice and safety-critical applications. Tinker Edge T features 1 GB of LPDDR4 dual-channel memory, the 4th generation of low-power DDR DRAM technology, offering faster speeds and even lower power consumption for improved system performance and efficiency. Tinker Edge T also comes equipped with an onboard 8 GB eMMC and SD 3.0 interface that offers significantly faster read and write speeds for the OS, applications and file storage.

Advanced power design

Most SBC motherboards only offer a 15-watt (5V 3A) power design, which can cause device and system instability when there are multiple connected devices. Other SBCs have power designs that lower the performance of their I/O ports. Tinker Edge T has a special power design that, together with a DC head power supply, delivers up to 45 watts of power, enabling stable system operation and full I/O performance, even with multiple connected devices. Additionally, an exclusive power-protection design activates automatically if the supplied current and voltage change significantly, effectively protecting the board and all connected devices.

More connectivity options for developers

Tinker Edge T features a rich I/O interface, including one MIPI-DSI connection for displays and touch screens, and two MIPI-CSI connections for compatible cameras to enable computer vision for applications such as depth measurement, smart vending machine QR code payment systems and interactive advertising.

Tinker Edge T has a maker-friendly design that offers many carefully considered features to provide a superior experience for first-time builders and seasoned hobbyists alike. Programmable LEDs let makers develop custom lighting behaviors, such as system notifications and status indicators, and the color-coded GPIO header makes it easy to recognize respective pin headers.

Tinker Edge T also features a full-size HDMI port, USB Type-A, USB Type-C, gigabit LAN and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth for internet and network connectivity.

Multi-platform tools

ASUS provides a robust API and SDK that enables users to deploy machine-learning models to Tinker Edge T easily for applications such as image classification and object detection. Additionally, Tinker Edge T comes with a cross-platform OS flash tool that enables easy OS image flashing to SD cards and USB drives, enabling users to get their system up and running quickly.