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  1. Hi k-soeta, There are some steps to solve this problem. 1. Please flash the sdcard_arm64.img file to your microSD card with a program such as balenaEtcher. 2. Change the boot mode switches to boot from SD card. (ON: Switch 1/Switch 3/Switch 4; OFF: Switch 2) 3. Insert the SD card and then power on the board and the board should auto boot. 4. Please launch weston-terminal on the board and run sudo reboot-bootloader to reboot the board into the fastboot mode. 5. Run the flash.cmd script for Windows or flash.sh for Linux in this directory. Thanks and best regards.
  2. Hi Zener, Maybe you should connect micro usb directly to power transformers to avoid booting into UMS mode. Apart from this, what is the version of the Tinker Board image? In the uart log of the release version Tinker_Board-Debian-Stretch-V2.1.16-20200813: MMC: dwmmc@ff0c0000: 1, dwmmc@ff0f0000: 0 Test MMC(0)... *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment There is no information about boot.env and boot.scr, but still can boot into kernel normally. Thanks and best regards, Frank.
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