ASUS IoT Cloud Console (AICC)

ASUS IoT Cloud Console (AICC) is a unified platform for managing and analyzing big data collected by IoT devices running different operating systems. With an intuitive user interface and advanced data-encryption technology, AICC enables you to collect and analyze comprehensive information in a variety of smart-technology sectors, such as transportation, retail and farming, to assist you in making the best decisions at the right times to seize business opportunities.

Usage scenarios

Smart traffic

Smart traffic:

Remotely manage traffic monitors on highways and overpasses to analyze traffic flow.

Smart retail

Smart retail:

Manage POS systems and data-analysis boxes in retail stores.

Smart farms

Smart farms:

Collect and analyze information about soil, temperature, sunlight and more.

Common problems with IoT infrastructures

  • When managing many IoT devices, it can be difficult to know whether a device is online or offline. Devices are often installed in places that hard to access physically, such as in digital signage applications, so they cannot be repaired or updated on the spot.
  • The IoT ecosystem contains devices running many different operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian and Windows, making it difficult to have a unified platform to manage every device.

ASUS solutions

ASUS solutions

ASUS IoT Cloud Console (AICC) allows you to easily manage and analyze in one place all the collected data across operating systems.

  • Immediately discover devices that have failed or are disconnected and quickly troubleshoot them.
  • If an application has crashed, it can be restarted or updated remotely through the AICC management platform.
  • For digital signage applications, AICC comprehensively analyzes collected data, such as the rate of people traffic and visitor age and gender distributions, and presents it clearly on a dashboard for review.


Remote Restarted
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Digital Signage

Why choose ASUS IoT Cloud Console (AICC)?

  • Intuitive interface: Administrators can instantly view system specs, including CPU load and memory usage. For example, when administrators see a high CPU load or spike in memory usage, they can immediately ask the developer to make adjustments remotely, such as performing software version upgrades or downgrades, to resolve the issue.
  • Reliable and secure: AICC uses the Microsoft Azure platform and data-encryption technology.
  • Data monitoring: Compared to other device-management systems, AICC enables users to customize the data-monitoring mechanism. For example, it can generate charts based on user-developed applications and custom data-analysis formats.
  • Responsive web design: AICC is designed to work on desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones, giving users to use the best device for their situation. For example, users can check devices on location using their mobile device, eliminating the need to bring a laptop.
  • Free Trial 30 days : Please confirm availability with your ASUS contact or contact us.


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