ASUS Industrial Android FOTA

Android has become one of the fastest-growing IoT standard OS as its openness, touch-panel friendly and Google supported ecosystem. However rigorous Android architecture also cause higher systemic risk if software update ongoing without expert assistance.

ASUS Industrial Android FOTA Service offer single window and support to make your OTA update more efficiently.



  • The ASUS Industrial Android FOTA (firmware over-the-air) supports embedded systems developed with Tinker Board and enables you to update the system firmware, operating system and drivers remotely. FOTA service reduces the need for onsite personnel support and system disassembly, and removes the possibility of operation errors and safety concerns caused by manual updates.
  • ASUS Industrial Android FOTA is suitable for products in all stages of the development cycle, from proof of concept (PoC) to mass production, commercial use, and long-term system maintenance. It can accelerate product development, shorten commercial distance, and ensure system-deployment efficiency.
  • ASUS regularly provides Industrial Android FOTA update progress reports. Developers can keep track of device update progress, quantity, and problem reports at any time.

Official AOSP/ROM Support

PoC To Production

FOTA Progress Report



  • ASUS has experience with the Android FOTA service and supports more than 20 million devices in the smartphone market. ASUS ported maintenance capabilities to ensure the FOTA system can also meet the stability and load balancing needs for mass simultaneous updates of a large number of IoT devices.
  • ASUS provides a single interface and supports a global content delivery network (CDN), including in mainland China. It can also use the ASUS Industrial Android FOTA service without having its own cloud deployment.
  • Compared with Linux or Windows systems, the Android architecture is more rigorous, and the systemic risk of manual or artificial updates is higher. Industrial Android FOTA can overcome this problem. Compared to a single-chip computer — or development board that does not support the FOTA mechanism at all — products developed with Tinker Board can directly enter the commercial stage, while retaining the flexibility for subsequent remote enhancement functions, bug fixes and long-term maintenance requirements.


Easy Deploy
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Smart cameras / IP cameras

Smart cameras / IP cameras:

Cameras in most embedded systems have computer vision. With the ASUS Industrial Android FOTA update system, cameras can receive stable updates of AI and computer-vision algorithms, giving you the ability to update the visual interaction content according to the needs of different scenes.

Smart vending machines
Smart vending machines:

A smart vending machine may have a BI engine that enables it to perform tasks, such as recognizing the environment, identifying users, and providing different responses based on the characteristics of individual users or the environment. If the smart vending machine needs to support a new payment service, the BI engine can update the firmware and software remotely through ASUS Industrial Android FOTA simultaneously, improving the efficiency of maintenance.


For better joint movement and environmental perception, robots can have dozens or even hundreds of built-in sensors. Each sensor is operated by a software driver. ASUS Industrial Android FOTA can update the drivers for all sensors remotely as needed to ensure that the optimal robot movement.