Epidemic Prevention with ASUS Tinker Board

Epidemic Prevention

AI Face Recognition Intelligent Column helps stop the spread of disease on school campuses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have adopted strict measures, such as imposing lockdowns and closing schools to encourage social distancing. At the same time, the demand for personal protective equipment and other medical supplies, including masks, goggles, alcohol and thermometers, has also increased. High-tech solutions to track and help prevent the spread of the virus have also been created, and ASUS Tinker Board has played an important role in some of these tools.

Chongqing KDAI Technology Co. Ltd created the "AI Face Recognition Intelligent Column" with ASUS Tinker Board to help with first-line epidemic prevention operations.

AI Face Recognition Intelligent Column has three characteristics:

  • A high-precision temperature measurement mechanism, which can measure body temperature without contact
  • Dynamic face recognition and real-time monitoring of recognized people, even those who are wearing a mask
  • A portable, wireless design that can quickly be placed in a location to perform monitoring

Chongqing donated an AI Face Recognition Intelligent Column device to Fuping Elementary School and Guizhou University. Because of the small size and wireless design of the device, it can easily be moved, providing flexibility for monitoring almost anywhere. Additionally, it can instantly measure people's body temperatures with only a 0.4°C margin of error. Using big data and real-time monitoring of body temperatures within crowds of people can reduce the workload of the frontline epidemic prevention staff on campuses.

In addition to school campuses, AI Face Recognition Intelligent Column is also suitable for communities, office buildings, government agencies, banks, railways, bars, parks, gyms, airports and other locations.

Information technology has played a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the performance of systems that governments and institutions rely upon for real-time tracking and monitoring can be very important. The multi-core Tinker Board processor runs at up to 1.8GHz, delivering swift performance for a wide variety of applications, expanding the range of possible capabilities for projects built with Tinker Board.

Tinker Board also features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. With faster WiFi performance and better signal reception than similar devices, Tinker Board ensures that projects featuring network connectivity run their best. The small size of Tinker Board also makes it easier to integrate into other systems and operating environments.

Combining the above advantages, Tinker Board works faster and responds more quickly than a general single-chip computer. It has also enabled AI Face Recognition Intelligent Column to be effective in epidemic prevention work and one of the main components in the pneumonia epidemic prevention network.

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