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    Hello, I invested over a year on this project and spent many frustrating hours getting a tablet based OS to perform like a version made for TV's. This is not a finished product, but I thought some of you may find it useful. I am not a developer and therefore cannot guarantee an issue free experience. I stepped away from the project due to getting stuck in many areas. If anyone with the skills, time and willingness to help wants to help me polish this OS...feel free to send me a PM. Without further delay, I present AvA ROM (Android Video Appliance) for Tinkerboard: Download: AvA ROM RC1 Things to know: Based on Android 7.1.2. Works best with keyboard and mouse. Plugging in wireless remotes causes severe slowdown (solution = Android TV Remote app). Shutdown/sleep doesn't work well. Should run on Tinkerboard S. Not licensed for Netflix or Disney Plus (most other apps and games work). Image is 2.46 GB in size (minimum 4GB SD card). There are workarounds for the above licensing woes, solutions are just a Google search away. I am not sure if the forum moderators will approve this post immediately, but look forward to hearing some of you got to try it out. Best regards, WrekLess.
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