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    hello @saeed soleimanifar, you can get the console log disabled by modifying the /boot/cmdline.txt: console= save and then reboot
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    hello @Suntech, the easiest way would be using the dd command to clone everything out of the board then use flashtools such as balena etcher to flash the .img to other boards. 1. connect tinker board 2s to an ubuntu machine 2. to check if tinker board 2s has been recognised, use lsblk 3. to clone the eMMC: sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=(filename).img bs=1G this will take a while, i've waited for around 35 minutes or so 4. once the cloning is finished, copy the .img file and use flashtools such as balenaetcher to flash the os to other boards *if you don't have an ubuntu machine, you can plug a flash drive to tinker board 2s, and save the output file to the flashdrive (please ensure it's got enough space) change #3 to: sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=of=/dev/<USB device_name> bs=1G **if you're using a windows pc, you can use win32 disk imager: Win32 Disk Imager - Download [Official Site] 1. connect tinker board 2s to the pc 2. whilst tinker board 2s is in ums mode, use win32 disk imager to copy the emmc Using dd to clone eMMC OS.pdf
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