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  1. Thank you! I ended up buying the https://talentcell.com/lithium-ion-battery/12v/yb1208300-usb.html and was able to power the board. The bundled connectors are compatible.
  2. Dear ASUS Team, I intend to connect the following module (using the mPCIe slot) to the ASUS Tinker Edge R and I had the following questions: 1). What is the maximum current rating of the 5V Output pin on the 40 pin GPIO header? (alternatively, I can power it through the molex connector using an external power supply) 2). As I understand through the schematics, 3.3V is available on the mPCIe header, including the USB support. Do I need any additional drivers for the USB support? 2). Can you help me with initial directions to configure the mPCIe USB and RNDIS on Tinker Edge R?
  3. Can you please comment on the power consumption of the Tinker Edge R series and the recommended wattage of the power supply? Is a typical 30W power supply as in the case of Tinker Board 2 enough or is a higher wattage recommended? Will the following power sources suffice or are there any alternative recommendations? 12V/3A https://talentcell.com/lithium-ion-battery/12v/yb1206000-usb.html 12V/6A https://talentcell.com/lithium-ion-battery/12v/yb1208300-usb.html Thank you for your time,
  4. Can the Tinker Edge R be powered using the VCC 5V pin on the 40 pin header? With the CPU, NPU, and 1 USB-A under operation, what will be the typical power consumption profile? Is it around 10-12W that can be supplied using the pins on the header (if possible)? My current application works towards integrating the Tinker Edge R into a remote controlled car, and if there are any other recommendations on powering the board, it will be of great help!
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