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Tinker Board

[Release] Tinker Board 2 Debian 10 (kernel 4.19) V2.1.6

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Tinker Board 2 Debian 10 V2.1.6

Tinker OS default username is "linaro", password is "linaro".

Release Notes:
* Changelog
1. First Kernel 4.19.x release version
2. Merged kernel security patch
3. Audio: Support JustBoom DAC HAT/Digi HAT/Amp HAT
4. Audio: Support IQaudIO Pi-DAC+/Pi-DAC Pro/Pi-Digi+
5. Audio: Support HiFiBerry DAC+ Light/Digi+
6. USB: Enable USB printer in kernel config
7. Config: Default enable GPIO PIN37 as S/PDIF, for Type-C DP audio function.

* Support next PCB R1.03 & R1.02
1. Type-C: USB: Support rt1711h CC chip (R1.03)
2. Ethernet: Improve RTL8211E performance (R1.03)

* CVE Security Patch:
CVE-2016-3695, CVE-2019-12381, CVE-2019-15922, CVE-2019-18675, CVE-2019-18786, CVE-2019-19064, CVE-2019-19602, CVE-2020-16119, CVE-2020-29534, CVE-2020-36322, CVE-2021-20177, CVE-2021-28660, CVE-2021-28712, CVE-2021-28713, CVE-2021-32078, CVE-2021-3411, CVE-2021-3493, CVE-2021-3564, CVE-2021-3573, CVE-2021-3587, CVE-2021-3600, CVE-2021-3760, CVE-2021-38202, CVE-2021-38300, CVE-2021-39685, CVE-2021-42008, CVE-2021-43976, CVE-2021-45095, CVE-2021-45480, CVE-2021-45485, CVE-2021-45486, CVE-2022-0330, CVE-2022-0480, CVE-2022-25375

* WS Security Patch:
WS-2021-0232, WS-2021-0274, WS-2021-0279, WS-2021-0439, WS-2021-0445, WS-2021-0453, WS-2021-0454, WS-2021-0458, WS-2021-0462, WS-2021-0463, WS-2021-0467, WS-2021-0468, WS-2021-0477, WS-2021-0517, WS-2021-0519, WS-2021-0522, WS-2021-0524, WS-2021-0525, WS-2021-0529, WS-2021-0545, WS-2021-0549, WS-2021-0551, WS-2021-0553, WS-2021-0554, WS-2021-0555, WS-2021-0557, WS-2021-0561, WS-2021-0564, WS-2022-0014, WS-2022-0015

Open-Source Code:

c3526a8293cb8f09caf1216c59d6150b7ba98e1ec3196064f829bfc79320e036 (zip)

Download link: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/Embedded_IPC/Tinker Board 2/Tinker_Board_2-Debian-Buster-v2.1.6-20220503.zip

Others: https://tinker-board.asus.com/download-list.html

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could you guys release 1 for kernel 5.15.x please?

or share how we can compile our own kernels?

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