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DietPi -- an actually working and maintained Distro for Tinkerboard 2s

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After being pretty disappointed with the ancient kernels that Asus/TB has been releasing, I finally found a well-maintained distro to put on the TB2. Yay!


You can dd this directly to an SD card or to the onboard MMC, and it works including the USB ports, HDMI and Ethernet. I was able to get the wifi to scan and connect but did not have antennas which may be causing my weak signal. I also ordered a newer m.2 AX210NGW Wifi 6/Bluetooth 5.3 card to replace the RTL8822CE card so we'll see if that improves.


I also have been experimenting, and have been able to steal the u-boot and kernel from this image and set up Arch Linux as well. After successfully flashing the dietpi image and patching to the latest kernel, I deleted everything from the dietpi filesystem, extracted the Arch Arm rootfs, but kept the boot directory. I was then able to successfully boot into arch linux.

The "edge" kernel is at around v6.6.xx and surprisingly works very well. One thing I was not sure how to do was fetch and rebuild new kernels for Arch which include the TB2 DTB and put it in the right place.

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