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  1. Hi @Joe This issue happens even with static IP and DNS..... @Joe do you need the log with the issue happening? Or just the log without the issue. Because is very difficult to get the issue on realtime...and the board runs on our customers... I´m not able to replicate it but I already saw on realtime many times... When the issue happens, they reboot the board (and we did an automate to that, to reboot automatically). Its store that run an "self-market" ... I´m trying to replicate it but no success yet.... @SomberTinker Do you have any other post of foruns relating this issue with Android? As we runs "self-markets" on aways places, I´m afraid to use Wifi in case of disconnections it will not return...
  2. Hi @tooz Thank you for your reply. Yes, all of devices are Tinker Board S (we only use S model). Its also happened on previous version, this is was the reason to update to v14.4.0.14 hoping that was any kind of fix on it. This is the link for the log download: https://bit.ly/3ClmEJQ Appreciate if you can help, I´m on the dark with this situation =(
  3. Hello folks! I have an strange situation here. Several devices, in different places, with different connections (4G, fiber optic, DSL, etc), have the LAN port stopping working after some time. I´m using the Android-V14.4.0.14. I have more then 10 devices with this same situation, across different cities. It´s simple stop working. Cannot ping any IP, even the local router (asus->router). The only way to get it working again, is removing the LAN cable and put it again, or reboot the OS. And its not the router (as I mentioned, different routers, different connections are used). And also, other devices like DVR CAM are always working. Attached the dmesg file if someone maybe can identify something... Anyone have an advise? It´s getting a really trouble for me that... Thanks in advance!
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