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  1. I have succesfully compiled Android 7 image using those instructions : https://github.com/TinkerBoard-Android/manifest now I have the image: ./IMAGE/Tinker_Board-AndroidN-eng-20211219.0241/IMAGES/update.img I have tried to flash the image to SD card using SpiImageTools_v1.44, but I get a strage error : I am not sure how to use the tool, should I just insert SD card to SD card reader and the tool detects the relevant SD card driver and flash the image? please advice how to flash update.img to SD card
  2. Hello I am now building Android 6 for thinker board, and use it to run on thinker board r2 this workd well, but I do not have WIFI \ BLE after taking a look at the kernel configuration, I can see thinker board uses RTL8723BS chip I would like to know which WIFI \ BLE chip is being used in the thinker board r2, and if possible, how can I support that in kernel configuration
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