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  1. Poko-san

    How to use I2S

    @tooz Since I am a Linux beginner, I don't understand how overlays work etc. I would like you to tell me in detail how to set it to recognize the HiFiBerry DAC, for example. I tried various things such as editing the "/boot/config.txt" file with reference to the Raspberry Pi article, but "rkhdmidpsound" is displayed even if I run the "aplay -l" command. Also, in my environment, there is only hifiberry-dacplus in /boot/overlays, and other overlays such as hifiberry-dac cannot be found. Does this require installation?
  2. I have some USB Web Camera (UVC), but all of them doesn't work. Do I need to make any settings to be able to use the webcam? [ Testing environment ] Tinker board 2S (1)Debian10 v2.0.14 (2)Debian v2.1.6 I tried both OS as clean installed environment. (a)Pre-installed "Cheese" Application (b)Pre-installed "Qt V4L2 test Utility" Application [Result] (1) and (2) are same result. Normaly, /dev/video0 ~ video4 are appears. Then pluged the USB Web Camera, /dev/video5 and /dev/video6 are added. $ v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video5 -all video5 seems video device, and video6 seems other device. (a) : Shows "There wan an error playing video from the webcam" Error. Probably auto selected video0 as a default device. There should be a preferences menu in the Cheese app and can select video5, but the settings menu can't be displayed (probably a bug) (b):File > Open Device > device5, then crashed application and desktop...
  3. Poko-san

    How to use I2S

    [Debian10 V.2.0.3] Hello, I want to connect to Audio DAC(Texas Instruments PCM5102A) via I2S, and want to play sound. Normally, "aplay -l" command shows only HDMI audio device. I edited config.txt -> intf:i2s0=on but this didn't make any sense. Next, I found /boot/overlays/hifiberry-dacplus-overlay.* files, I added config.txt -> overlay=hifiberry-dacplus-overlay but "aplay -l" command said "no soundcards found...". Please tell me what to do. Thanks!
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