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  1. Hi @yi-hsin_hung Thank you very much for your information and help to modify nrgpio.sh for me. we stop node-red service and replace the nrgpio.sh (attachment file) to /home/linaro/.node-red/node-moduels/red-contrib-tinkeros-gpio/nrgpio.sh file then start node-red service again and found asus output node can work properly on Thinker Board 2 I think your nrgpio.sh file very helpful to make Thinker Board 2 control DO, DI with Node-Red easily.
  2. Dear Sir We are testing Tinker Board 2 with Debian 10 V2.0.3 and Node-Red v2.2.2 and we found contrib-tinkeros-gpio on Node-Red can get GPIO input from Tinker Board 2 but error when send GPIO output as below picture. If you have experience to solve this case, could you please share for me Refer GPIO input work
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