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  1. Why is the bonding driver not included in the kernel [as module] ? I need to recompile the kernel for switching on the module version of the bonding driver. Did someone this task so i can take his kernel or has anyone the kernel source as downloadable TAR/BZ?
  2. Why TBS zombify bash scipts that are running as services (daemons) after some hours or days; the zombie itself uses no more cpu; but the parent process (if a subshell was called it is my script or if my main script gets be zombified the parent is /bin/bash) is using one complete core load; so the TBS is consuming a lot of electrical power and heating up -- SO USELESS !!! I now serving the devil by two other bash scripts as services (daemons) who are watching/monitoring CPU FEQ, CPU TEMP, RAM free, eMMC free and if there is a zombified task -- then the script kills the parent automatically if it is longer as a half minute a zombie and SIGTERM don't end this task... systemd restarts the killed service as soon as possible (mostly within 200ms) - that works fine... Why can't systemd restart services which are using full core load? Or is it configurable in the service-file of systemd? Howto let systemd watch the services correctly? It can only restart a died service; but the child of my service gets zombified... I tested the service scripts on 2 TBS; both did it the same way... on an odroid N2+ with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (x64) it's running pretty fine for months (!!) - how is that possible? Is the x86 buggy or are some parallel tasks (ping ips and write $? to RAM) to much??
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