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  1. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. First of all, hello everybody. I am a newbe from France and I try to make a domotic box with domotics app embedded in the Tinker board S. There is something I find strange when I flash the TinkerOS with Etcher. There are 2 volumes created with a small one where you can find some files and directories you can read with Windows explorater and a big one you can't read with Windows explorater. I suppose on the big one there is the kernel.
  2. I flashed TinkerOS onto a 128Go SDcard. As mentionned, I created a directory named 'system-connections' with a file named 'wlan_preload.example'. In this file, there are my wifi credentials (ssid and password). When I boot tne board the OS seems to be correctly loaded because I have the screen with the logo tinker but I cant seen the board when I scan the wifi. Does somebody have an idea about how to fix this. Just to inform us, I am not a software engineer and linux expert. Thanks in advance.
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