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  1. Hi, I got yesterday my Tinker Edge R and this is the First Tinker board i ever got(i already tried to ask this question but somehow i needed to create a new Username... cant see the other question). I think i can't get into MASKROM mode. I bought the Powersupply (sadly on Amazon it doesn't list it that it wont have one) and tried to flash it the first time. I shortened the Recovery Pin, Put in the Type-C cable that is connected to my PC and then the Power Supply. In the Devices Tree then a Rockchip USB shows up. I started then the "Tinker_Edge_R-Flash_GUI_V1.0.0-20200326" which also shows the Tinker Edge R in MASKROM mode. I then selected either "Tinker_Edge_R-Debian-Buster-v2.0.5-20220217" or "Tinker_Edge_R-Debian-Stretch-v1.0.13-20210702" and tried to flash it for the first time. Every time it says i should start the Tinker Edge in MASKROM mode. How can i find out if its in MASKROM mode? some kind of LED or output on HDMI? HDMI seems to be sending no signal and the only LED on the board just stays red. I tried other ways like for example with an AndroidTool or the Android_Console_Tool inside the tools folder of the Flash Programm but when i for example say it should test the Chip, it failed. PS: it was kinda hard to find the DriverAssistant Package for the Rockchip driver, due to the fact i only found it on some kinda sketchy looking websites.
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