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  1. And yes, i realize that at that time it was able to play 4k videos, but with all due respect that didn´t justify the crashing due to overheating and for me atleast quite high price.
  2. Hi,i took my asus tinker board 1 from my drawer after 3 years and am here to ask several questions regarding Asus Tinker Board 1 due to it being an absolute pain to my brain...I uninstalled Tinker OS and tried to install PINN os but found out that its not compatible...ok...i can survive with that.I tried installing Noobs and guess what...didn´t work :d I tried to install Raspbian(Now known as raspberry pi OS, idk why they changed it :d)..also with no success, at this point am asking myself...what is actually Asus tinker board 1 good for (except for industrial uses...maybe ?)? I am not very knowledgable in Linux but from what i tried, Tinker OS doesn´t support many things and when it comes to tutorials and questions...lets just say that my attempts at using this thing failed because of that...so am asking few very important questions for me. How can i load multiple operating systems on Asus Tinker Board 1 ? does anyone have download link for RetroPie for Asus Tinker Board 1? How would you emulate windows on Tinker OS or emulate .Exe app on Tinker OS (And yes i need Gui)? If i want to install something on Tinker OS do i need normal debian commands or do i need commands for arm based linux ? I have spend quite alot of money on my Asus Tinker Board because it was just barely getting into my country at the time(About 80 bucks), so am asking. Is any of what i asked even possible or did i make mistake by buying this isntead of RPI ? Am not trying to be negative or hate on this thing, specs on this thing are still impressive but due to the small support am starting to feel helpless :/// Thanks for responses.
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