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  1. I have an additional query.  It would be helpful if you could tell me how the Tinker Android11 OS works in the following cases to keep the Tinker Android11 OS normal when the [Posted May 30] operation is performed. A.If I don't write data to eMMC, will the file system of Android11 OS be kept normal? B.What kind of data is being written to eMMC by background operation of Tinker Android11 OS, and at what timing factor?  If there is this background operation, how can it be limited?  Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.
  2.  Hello everyone, nice to meet you.  How to operate Tinker Board 2S(Tinker OS Android11) when power is cut off from outside?  We are planning to use Tinker Board 2S for embedded purposes.  When Android11 is stopped by the following timing procedure 1. Stop the external power supply of Tinker Board 2S when Android11 is in the middle of OS startup sequence or when the application is running after the startup is finished.  (Android11 OS will be stopped.) 2. Start Android11 by supplying power to Tinker Board 2S from an external source.  In this case, can you guarantee the normal operation of Tinker OS Android11 OS?  If not, what measures should I take?  We would appreciate your advice on the above.
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