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  1. Dears: We went to buy a different relay switch today for testing. Now it works fine.
  2. Dear Sir: 1、Not running python code .... 2、Running Python Code.... 3. We suspect that the GPIO voltage is insufficient. The GPIO voltage of the Raspberry Pi is the normal output 3.3
  3. Dear Sir: We know, we have two sets of devices on our hands. One is Raspberry Pi and one is Tinker Board 2 Connect a set of Buzzer relay devices to each. Only Tinker Board 2 cannot be used. I have tried other Tinker Board 2s on hand, but none of them can be used.
  4. Hi Sir: We just found out that if the relay switch is plugged in, it won't do anything Removed the wiring for pin40. At this point test buzzer.py that its gpio readall is correct. if relay switch connect 38 or 40 pins. always ..is 0 can't use.
  5. Hi Sir: My /boot/config.txt Double Check my python code: Now test again:
  6. Dear Sir: Python Code default set pin 40 is output . first output pin 40 is High , then sleep 8 second , change to low on PRI 4 But can't running on Asus Tinker Board 2S
  7. Dear Sir: Asus Tinker Board 2 GPIO ReadAll Status: 1. not running code: 2. running python code:
  8. Dear Sir: on the Raspberry Pi 4 Python Code: Device Connect: GPIO ReadAll Status: 1、Not Running Code: 2、Running Code:
  9. Dear Sir: Python Code On Asus Tinker Board 2.... Asus Tinker Board 2 device connect :
  10. Dears: When I try to connect the Relay through the GPIO pin, pulling the pin high or low has no effect. The same connection method is completely normal on the Raspberry Pi 4. pin use 39 & 40
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