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  1. I installed Tinker OS on a 16GB SD card. Which command do I use to do the Expand Filesystem as it is on the Raspberry Pi?
  2. How to fix (set to repair mode) if it can't be flashed?
  3. Boot to MMC not work. Install RPi 4 --> Asus tinker T. Boot mode ON, OFF,OFF,OFF. The whole video is waiting for something to happen. Where is the mistake? sachlj@opencv_ ~_Dokumenty_Tinker_Edge_T-Mendel-Eagle-V3.0.7-20210610 2022-06-30 18-57-36.mp4
  4. RPi i2c 3,3v arduino i2c 5V Tinker Edge T i2c ?? V
  5. When the creators of Tinker Edge T could no longer use hundreds of cameras for RPi then they could at least create a list of cameras to connect to Tinker Edge T. Could they put this list here?
  6. I managed to flash the version of Tinker Edge T Mendel 5.2 Eagle V3.0.7 using RPi4. It was necessary to install flashboot and run the flash.sh script with root privileges. The system boot is slow, the OS is looking for a connected display and both cameras. Searching for everyone takes 2 minutes. Very poorly prepared installation. That doesn't happen with Raspberry.
  7. Raspberry 4: Tinker_Edge_T-Mendel-Eagle-V3.0.2-20201015 $ sudo ./flash.sh Existing home partition detected, will not flash home (override with -H) target reported max download size of 419430400 bytes sending 'bootloader0' (1130 KB)... OKAY [ 0.073s] writing 'bootloader0'... OKAY [ 0.137s] finished. total time: 0.210s rebooting into bootloader... OKAY [ 0.018s] finished. total time: 0.319s target reported max download size of 419430400 bytes sending 'gpt' (33 KB)... OKAY [ 0.019s] writing 'gpt'... OKAY [ 0.223s] finished. total time: 0.243s rebooting into bootloader... OKAY [ 0.016s] finished. total time: 0.166s erasing 'misc'... OKAY [ 0.031s] finished. total time: 0.031s target reported max download size of 419430400 bytes sending 'boot' (131072 KB)... OKAY [ 5.082s] writing 'boot'... OKAY [ 2.881s] finished. total time: 7.964s error: cannot load './rootfs_arm64.img': Value too large for defined data type Failed to execute '/usr/bin/fastboot flash rootfs ./rootfs_arm64.img' ?????????????????????????????????????
  8. Is it necessary to install any drivers to install MENDEL OS from RPi with Raspbian? 3 computers with Windows 10 and Tinker Borard failed to boot. The drivers failed to install even via the Windows 10 update.
  9. Where is the USB driver for Windows 10 64bit? Usb driver for Windows XP? Does anyone use it?
  10. Thank you for answer. Is OS "Tinker_Edge_T-Mendel-Eagle-V3.0.7-20210610" the full version OS or is it just an upgrade version of "Tinker_Edge_T-Mendel-Eagle-V3.0.2-20201015"?
  11. Is openssh-server installed? What is the username and password?
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