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  1. Also, below is a similar topic, so the problem seems to be common.
  2. hi @tooz Please take a look at direct capture of console tx line from tinkerboard. The logic analyser is set to decode UART at 115200bps and it decodes correctly at the beginning of the boot (see image #1) then it goes wrong (image #2) and goes back to correct (image #3) It looks like the UART clock if drifting away causing character and frame errors. This problem exists in all 3 tinkerboard2 units we have and with different debian images (2.0.3 and 2.0.4). #1 #2 #3
  3. I noticed that at some point of the TinkerBoard 2 start-up, the uboot log starts getting corrupted and continue to be like that until later the kernel initialise some serial devices when it gets back to normal. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this and how to fix it? I'm running the latest Debian image Tinker_Board_2-Debian-Buster-v2.0.4-20211222 but also tried v2.0.3 with the same result. Set GPIO2_A4 (MASK_RELEASE) output high no mmc device at slot 1 Found IDB in SDcard dwmmc@fe320000: 1 (SD), sdhci@fe330000: 0 Bootdev(atags): mmc 1 MMC1: Legacy, 50Mhz PartType: EFI boot mode: None Found DTB in boot part DTB: rk-kernel.dtb HASH(c): OK I2c0 speed: 400000Hz PMIC: RK8 0 vdd_center 900000uV vdd_c`u_l9 uV vdd_log9 uV Model:SUSTinkerBoard2/2S read_bm`_header:gets`lash`artitionfail. load_bm`_logo424dbit_count=8width=258height=94file_size=2d4 Rockchi`UBOOTDRMdriverversion:v1. .1 CLK:(uboot.arml:enter816 KHz,init816 KHz,kernel N/) CLK:(uboot.armb:enter816 KHz,init816 KHz,kernel N/) a`lll816 KHz a`llb816 KHz d`ll856 KHz c`ll24 KHz g`ll8 KHz n`ll6 KHz v`ll24 KHz aclk_`erih`133333KHz hclk_`erih`66666KHz `clk_`erih`33333KHz aclk_`eril` 266666KHz hclk_`eril` 88888KHz `clk_`eril` 44444KHz hclk_`eril`11 KHz `clk_`eril`15 KHz Net:rk3399_gmac_set_clk:internalclockisUNIM@LEMENTED Noethernetfound. Hitkeytosto`autoboot('CTR +1'2:3 NDROID:rebootreason:"(none)" **Filenotfoundcmdline.txt** [cmdline]do_ext2loadfail cmdline.txtvalid= **Filenotfoundconfig.txt** [conf]do_ext2loadfail config.txtvalid= fdtmagicnumberedfe dd fdtsize1 48576 o`teea`irevision:2. TEEC:Waring:Couldnotfindsecurity`artition
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