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  1. good morning all I have a couple of questions: I was finding the TinkerOS lite (like RaspianOS lite).. i.e the OS without the X11 graphical GUI. But I realized, that maybe TinkeOS lite does not exist. Is it correct? Therefore: How can I delete all packages related to GUI, in order to have a clean TinkerOS to be used as pure "server"? 2. in my virtual box debian installed into windows 10 laptop, i cloned the image of the TinkerOS flashed into an SD using this command: sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/sdc of=220918_TB_32GB_port_22.img status=progress && sync but then when I recover this image using Balena in a new SD card for example... the new SD card does not boot. what is wrong? thanks for your support Vincenzo
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