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  1. Hi everyone, I am searching for a simple "standalone" video looper software for the Tinkerboard (R2.0), similar to the Adafruit videolooper for the RaspbePi. Can anyone help me please? I am searching for sth that runs on reeboot (e.g. after crash or no electricity) so that the looper starts immeadiatley after booting, no keyboard or mous manipulation needed. Even better woudl be if it would be possible to add keyboartd shortcuts like fast forward (usually key L on keyboard) and fast backward (J) and K is usually stop/pause and play. Thank you very much in advance if you have an idea. At the moment I'm downbloading Kodi, but this always needs to be manipulated to start video... ? Cheers and a solution will be much appreciated ? Polly
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