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  1. mmm..Can you maybe explain a bit more... 🙂 I copy the root partition from the eMMC drive using the following :cat /dev/mmcblk0p4 > /dev/sda That means that the partition sizes on the SSD will be the same as they were on the eMMC drive - So not sure what you mean when you say that I should resize them before moving the root files.....
  2. Ok - Thanks, Once I have this running - will it be ok to just resize the root partition on my SSD to the size I need it? Or anything else i need to do?
  3. Perfect! Thanks - managed to flash my board again 🙂
  4. Hi, Trying to reflash my Tinker Edge T - but running into a problem when running "sudo reboot-bootloader." It occurs at step 4 in the below steps to reflash. 1. Flash the sdcard_arm64.img file to your microSD card with a program such as balenaEtcher. 2. Change the boot mode switches to boot from SD card. (ON: Switch 1/Switch 3/Switch 4; OFF: Switch 2) 3. Insert the SD card and then power on the board and the board should auto boot. 4. Please launch weston-terminal on the board and run sudo reboot-bootloader to reboot the board into the fastboot mode. (Error at this step : Could not find a misc partition! Giving up. ) 5. Run the flash.cmd script for Windows or flash.sh for Linux in this directory.
  5. Hi Tooz, Thanks for the reply 🙂 So I'm copying my root partition on the eMMC to my External SSD - I then change the UUID for the SSD root partition Should I not be updating the mmc_root? As I'm not booting from an sd card. And in that case the PARTUUID on my eMMC root and SSD are still the same....How can I update the PARTUUID on my SSD so that I can update the boot.txt with the updated PARTUUID of the SSD... ? mmc_root="PARTUUID=70672ec3-5eee-49ff-b3b1-eb1fbd406bf5" sd_root="/dev/mmcblk1p2" # Check boot device to decide which root partition to use if test ${bootdev} = 1; then setenv root ${sd_root} else setenv root ${mmc_root}
  6. Hi, I'm trying to move my root file system from the eMMC to an eternal SSD. After having followed this guide ( tinker-board-ssd-usb-booting-guide/ ) and chatting to the author it seems like there is something weird that is preventing the root fs to mount on the SSD and it always defaults to the eMMC root fs. Any suggestions how to accomplish the above?
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