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  1. Answers When the problem occurred, were display and touch both not working? When problem occurs, display keep working (on) and can be managed by remote access, mouse and keyboard keep working. When you rebooted the board, did it fix the issue? Or did it still persist? In some smartlockers yes, it fix for a few hours/day, in others no fix at all. Have you tried reboot the board or unplug/ replug hdmi and usb cable instead of changing to another board when it’s not working? We did, curiosly when the remove the USB connector from the port and plugin again in the same port the problem remains, but when changing the port on the Thinker, the problem is solved. (temporaly) We have changed the USB cable for others options, with better quality and the problem remais.
  2. It's a 7" for any device which can be connected with any device (see videologs-handover.zip attached) We are using HDMI. See syslog attached and the touchscreen video, and touchscreen datasheet. WhatsApp_Video_2022-11-24_at_12_11.44_(1).mp4 T070GBP002-V1 (1).pdf
  3. Hello Everyone, We are facing problems using Asus Thinker S/BR running Linaro with a 7 inch touchscreen which is connected by HDMI and using USB connection to transfer power and touch commands. Currently we have the same problem in 4 different Asus Thinkers, which the screen is freezing. VIDEO attached. We use this on smart lockers, which ALWAYS starts after a few weeks after finishing the smartlocker production and installation, so the smart lock leaves the factory working well. We have changed all devices that compound the smart locker, including the Thinker to a Raspberry 4 or a fresh Thinker S/BR and it works well again. Not sure that is the hardware itself, but something related to software, maybe a software automatic update, correct driver missed, file getting bigger, etc. Thinker details Distributor ID: Debian Description: Debian GNU/Linux 9.13 (stretch) Release: 9.13 Codename: stretch Kernel: Linux 4.4.132+ Architecture: arm Image: Tinker_Board-Debian-Stretch-V2.1.16-20200813 Could someone help us? Thanks WhatsApp_Video_2022-11-08_at_14_44_09.mp4
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