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  1. Hi, We have developed a game with Unity 3D, and put into Tinker board 2/4G that runs Android 11 and we would like to make our game automatically run at startup. We could not find out how to make it autorun. In application settings / all permissions window, I see a permission called "Run at Startup", but there is no switch to make it on/off. How can we put an app on startup in Android 11? Best regards Cagatay Undeger
  2. Hi, I am using Tinker Board 2/4GB with Android 11. The Type-c display is a glasses (Nreal light) that works with a type-c cable. When I attach glasses to a laptop PC via USB-C or attach to any mobile phone, the display automatically works. But it does not with tinkerboard. I tried to reboot while display is connected, but it did not work again.
  3. Hi, I am connecting a type-c compatible display to USB-C of Tinker Board 2 (no other display at HDMI), but cannot see the screen of tinkerboard. IfI connect that display to a laptop with USB-C, it works so I known display is working. Is there any setting to change to see USB-C display port? Best regards Cagatay Undeger
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