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  1. Yea, the Tinker Board 1 maintainer has said he has had some issues bringing the image for Tinker Board 2 up to the same quality. Something about the voltage regulators? I say take a break if you're frustrated. I would be helping out with testing if I had my TB 2, but at present it's going to be a few more weeks (or months) before I get my hands on it :(... I would be interested in this, FWIW...
  2. I'm in the market for a portable monitor, unrelated to Tinker Board. Looks like I'll have to learn how Device Tree works (again) to figure out how to additionally use said monitor with Tinker Board 2. I wish I it were easier to get started w/ kernel dev, so maybe I could help make Tinker Board 2 GUI better. There are friends I could ask for help. We'll see...
  3. Hi NetAndif, I wanted to update. I won't receive my Tinker Board 2 for at least a few weeks due to factors beyond my control. However, I am still interested in trying your instructions carefully to see if I can duplicate your results when I get it. Have you noticed any Wifi dodginess with Armbian? I have had some issues w/ Tinker Board 1 as of kernel version `5.x` and above (but not `4.x`). I am curious if the problems may possibly still exist when I get new hardware if the Wifi controller is similar. When you get the chance, would you be willing to paste your `dmesg` output after boot from your Tinker Board 2 running Armbian? I want to cross-reference in preparation for possible debugging.
  4. Hi NetAndif, Thanks for the response. I will test these commands and your build process after Christmas and see whether I can follow directions whether I run into problems or not. But it's great that there's some interest in Armbian for Tinker Board 2. I put off getting one until there was some level of interest beyond the supplied ASUS images.
  5. Hi NetAndif, It's great to hear that someone else is interested in running Armbian on TinkerBoard 2. This convinced me to go ahead and try to get one myself. I noticed the Armbian image says it's CLI only. What options did you have to change to compile the mesa driver, and how did you get XFCE installed from a CLI-only image? Is it possible to get the TinkerBoard 2 to boot into a Display Manager from the Armbian CLI image alone? It's been years (last 2013) since I last hacked around with desktop Linux :(.
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