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  1. Hello, Is there a new version of the Debian 11 software planned for Tinker Board R2.0?
  2. hello @tooz Thank you very much for your help, it actually works with this configuration 😀 I can not believe it 😉
  3. hello @tooz But the CAN support works without any problems with mcp2515-can0.dts -> Link What about RTC ds1307? How to set RTC and CAN in config.txt Is dts set 8mhz or 12mhz? Please share the dtbo file.
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble using several dtbo files in overlay in /boot/config.txt I try several config, but not working: #1 - not working overlay="ds1307-overlay","mcp2515-can0" #2 - not working overlay=<ds1307-overlay> <mcp2515-can0> #3 - not working overlay=ds1307-overlay overlay=mcp2515-can0 #4 - not working overlay=ds1307-overlay, mcp2515-can0 Single use of dtbo files in overlay works fine. Please help. System version: Linux linaro-alip 4.4.194 #17 SMP Wed Apr 26 01:45:49 UTC 2023 armv7l Device: Asus Tinker Board S R2.0
  5. hello @tooz It works, thanks a lot for your help 😀 I suppose I had a bad dtbo file. linaro@linaro-alip:~$ sudo ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 125000 loopback on linaro@linaro-alip:~$ sudo candump can0 & [1] 1822 linaro@linaro-alip:~$ sudo cansend can0 abc#1122334455 can0 2BC [5] 11 22 33 44 55 can0 2BC [5] 11 22 33 44 55 Running on the version: Linux version 4.4.194 (leslie_yu@asus-docker-env) (gcc version 6.3.1 20170404 (Linaro GCC 6.3-2017.05) ) #52 SMP Tue Oct 26 08:35:58
  6. @tooz there is a solution for the Tinker Board S R2.0 model?
  7. Hello @tooz Thank you for answer but the downloaded image is not boot on my Tb. Is the shared image for the TinkerBoard S R2.0 model? I try burn to SD Card and eMMC.
  8. Hello, Did you manage to prepare the os to communicate with mcp2515? I tried to configure the os for mcp2515 on kernel version 4.4.194 but the system does not boot after uploading mcp2515-can0.dtbo to /boot/overlays/
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