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  1. I am trying to communicate between the tinker edge r and another 3d printer board (Duet) via SPI. to do that, one of the steps is to set the GPIO Transfer Ready Pin. on the Raspberry Pi, In order to identify the GPIO device and pin number, I can use gpioinfo command and will show a list of available pins. the output will provide something like: gpiochip0 - 58 lines: ... line 23: "GPIO23" unused input active-high line 24: "GPIO24" unused input active-high line 25: "GPIO25" unused input active-high line 26: "GPIO26" unused input active-high line 27: "GPIO27" unused input active-high ... on the tinker edge doesn't give me any output. and if I try to use for example the command gpioget gpiochip0 <pin_number> I get an error message like: gpioget: error reading GPIO values: No such file or directory I checked with all the gpio groups that are present in the directory /sys/class/gpio and nothing worked. I would really appreciate your help BR
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