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  1. Hi I purchased a TB 2S 4GB version as it was some how cheaper than even TB R2.0 or TB 2S 2GB!!! Maybe a mistake from the seller in his listing. I got it to make a streamer for my audio system. Anyways, with Tinker OS I managed to install Logitech Media Server and Squeezelite on it. Also got my NAS to be mounted automatically on TB 2 S. I use my old iFi USB DAC to play my music. Excellent output. But the DAC is somehow playing foul with one channel. Drops out at time. I want to try a I2S DAC on TB 2S. I am a newbie to SBC and related stuff. Are all HAT DACs I2S DAC? With the huge heatsink, it is not possible to connect any HAT DAC. What terminal of TB 2 S do I use to connect with point to point connection to a DAC? Do I do any configuration on TB 2 S? Would I need to install any driver for any generic HAT DACs? Thanks Subbu
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