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  1. I am currently attempting to use a TinkerBoard2S as a rosbag recorder for various sensors, and I am encountering a few issues. Here are my requirements: I need to install ROS on the TinkerBoard2S. I need to be able to read UART for IMU data. Initially, I attempted to install the complete ROS system via a simple deb installation, but I ran into issues because ROS does not support Debian10 well. I then tried to follow the instructions on this page (https://github.com/lawkee48/TinkerOS-ROS), which allowed me to run roscore, but I encountered a problem when trying to compile the PCL library for my Velodyne sensor, as it took too long. Next, I tried installing Ubuntu20 on the TinkerBoard2S, which made it easy to install the full ROS system. However, I am now unsure how to enable the UART port on the Ubuntu20 system. I know that for the TinkerBoard2S, I only need to set /boot/config.txt and set the intf:uart0=on. After rebooting, the ttyS0 should be mounted as the UART port. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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