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  1. @tooz I tried with a new SD card but that did not change anything. I did figure out the problem, though. I was flashing the image "Tinker_Board-Android12-v0.0.3-20221002.img". When I tried using "Tinker_Board_2-Android11-v2.0.8-20220503.img", it booted correctly and worked as expected. Thanks for your help troubleshooting.
  2. Hello, I have tried two different types of monitors, yes. Both externally powered. Both via HDMI, though. No, when I remove the SD card I also get no display or any kind of information out of the eemc. I can get another SD card and see if that makes a difference.
  3. The power supply I'm using is Output: 19V @ 3.42A, 65.0W That seems plenty, to me, based on the spec sheet. My jumper looks like this: Which I believe means it's disabled.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I will try on a beefier power supply and report back.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to get Android running on my board. I flashed Android 12 using Balena Etcher to the microSD card, then inserted the card and plugged the board in. Nothing happened other than the red power light appearing. I have a monitor plugged in via HDMI, and a wireless keyboard + mouse. Power is from the DC input jack. I also tried removing the microSD card & powering on, but that also didn't do anything. When the microSD card is removed and I plug the USB-C into my computer, I see this the D & E drives: but when the card is inserted, nothing changes on my computer. I inserted the microSD card into my computer directly, and this is what that looks like: I don't know where to go from here, as nothing I do seems to have any effect.
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