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  1. lbispo

    2x Cameras

    I have flashed asus image and it recognizes: sudo v4l2-ctl --list-devices i.MX6S_CSI (platform:30a90000.csi1_bridge): /dev/video0 i.MX6S_CSI (platform:30b80000.csi2_bridge): /dev/video1
  2. lbispo

    2x Cameras

    Hi, I have 2x google coral cameras connected to the Thinker Edge T but only one gets recognized: ``` mendel@deft-calf:~$ sudo v4l2-ctl --list-devices i.MX6S_CSI (platform:30a90000.csi1_bridge): /dev/video0 ``` I have flashed google's coral image "enterprise-eagle-flashcard-20211117215217.zip". Do you believe that I'm better flashing Tinker Edge T Mendel 5.2 Eagle V3.0.7 or is there some driver configuration missing? Thanks
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