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  1. hello @tooz,

    Sorry. My explanation was insufficient.
    The file system is built within emmc and the microSD is used as storage for data.

    However, when a broken microSD is inserted, it outputs an error like the attached file and will not boot.
    When the microSD is removed and power is turned on, it boots up with no problem. Naturally, the pin setting is to boot in emmc mode.

    There is one partition in the microSD, which can be formatted. Therefore, I expect that some sectors are abnormal.

    I am using tinkerboard to send data to the server. At that time, I also send the status of the tinkerboard as well.
    Ultimately, I would like to be able to start the tinkerboard even if the microSD card is damaged, and to be able to tell the server that there is something wrong with the tinkerboard.

    Therefore, we would like to be able to boot the OS by emmc boot even if the microSD is damaged.


  2. Hello.

    Tinkerboard R2.0 takes clock control when the CPU temperature exceeds 80 degrees.

    In other words, CPU throttling occurs.

    Is it possible to change the temperature?


  3. Hello.

    I'm trying to reduce the power consumption of Tinkerboard R2.0 as much as possible.

    I was able to disable the HDMI output on the raspberry pi. Is the same possible with tinkerboard?

  4. Hi @tooz

    'iw phy' command is executed by root user.

    Attached is the result of the command executed on Tinkerboard and Tinkerboard R2.0.

    HT-PHY contents disappeared when migrated to Tinkerborad R2.0.

                    Capabilities: 0x1962
                            Static SM Power Save
                            RX HT20 SGI
                            RX HT40 SGI
                            RX STBC 1-stream
                            Max AMSDU length: 7935 bytes
                            DSSS/CCK HT40
                    Maximum RX AMPDU length 65535 bytes (exponent: 0x003)
                    Minimum RX AMPDU time spacing: 16 usec (0x07)
                    HT Max RX data rate: 150 Mbps
                    HT TX/RX MCS rate indexes supported: 0-7


    tinkerboard.txt tinkerboardR2.0.txt

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