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  1. tooz

    Compiling Android

    hello @MarciS, ./build.sh -UCKAu not working is not an expected result, what is your build environment?
  2. hello @JFB, we've tested lte modules with both hat + mpcie interface & usb dongle +m.2 interface and confirm they both work. however please notice that not all lte modules are supported, here are the modules enabled on tinker board 2s for your reference: Vendor Product VID:PID Firmware Quectel EG25-G 2C7C:0125 EG25GGBR07A08M2G_01.003.01.003 EG21-G 2C7C:0121 EG21GGBR07A11M1G_01.002.01.002 EC25-AU 2C7C:0125 EC25AUFAR06A01M4G EC25-E 2C7C:0125 EC25EFAR06A08M4G_01.007.01.007 EC25-J 2C7C:0125 EC25JFAR06A05M4G_01.008.01.008 EC25-AF 2C7C:0125 EC25AFFDR07A10M4G_01.004.01.004 BG96 2C7C:0296 BG96MAR04A04M1G_01.005.01.005 EM06-E 2C7C:0306 EM06ELAR03A08M4G other lte modules that are not listed may or may not work on tinker board 2s, it's just that the list are the modules we actually got & tested
  3. hello @lloydhussell, most of the touch drivers work on tinker board 2s if it's usb interface; the 240hz would be the tricky part since it depnds on the cpu
  4. hello @ChaJH, no, just checking the environment this panel's resolution is 1600x600, which is supported on tinker board 2s, but it might be blocked by resolution_white.xml please use commands below to remove resolution white adb root adb remount adb shell rm -rf /system/usr/share/resolution_white.xml and then reboot tinker board 2s the expected result is the 1600x600 resolution is supported on tinker board 2s
  5. hello @ChaJH, are you using android 12 os ( Tinker Board 2 /2S Android 12 V3.0.2 ) or android 11?
  6. hello @rugfk, the os download page of tinker edge r: https://tinker-board.asus.com/download-list.html?product=tinker-edge-r
  7. tooz


    hello @shizimi, these are the logs for device management service, your tinker board r2.0 shall stop printing related logs once dmprovider.service is stopped.
  8. hello @sanma, i've uploaded a folder named 'audio patches for tinker board 2s', please apply the three patches in the folder to enable hdmi audio output: https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/7AC916CB836740359132FEDCC45B06194
  9. tinkerboard 2s の gpio 40pin セッティング説明はこちらです: Tinker Board 2 & 2S · TinkerBoard/TinkerBoard Wiki (github.com)
  10. hello @Alexandre Baiocco, the new release (kernel 5.10, debian 11) of tinker board 3n supports asus.gpio by default: Tinker Board 3N Debian 11 (Kernel 5.10) V1.0.17
  11. hello @Alexandre Baiocco, the documentation for asus gpio (tinker board 3n) can be downloaded here: https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/5D3F8EFB2B2D4EDD96C4AF57334C5B434
  12. こんにちは @jun0129 この製品のスペックがありますか?
  13. hello @Alexandre Baiocco, the asus.gpio for tinker board 3n can be downloaded here: https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/C48903C16D79411E96C4FB3DB82621014 it'll be supported by default in our next os release
  14. hello @Alexandre Baiocco, i'll check with my team and see if i can get you the sources for gpio
  15. hello @jovanpn, thanks for the information, please give a try on boot.2.img: https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/a/#/s/9A55AA4C9F5E4B878AA751052AC080CC4 this boot.img contains the nft configurations we're planning to enable for the next release
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