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  1. I was able to successfully flash the board when I first got it, using the command line tool. I tried removing everything connected to the board including the wifi card, still the same result. Right now no computer will recognize the board when I plug it in and short the recovery header. Both on windows and linux, windows doesn't show it connected and lsusb doesn't show the device either.
  2. I am using the debian 10 v2.0.5 version posted at the top of the software thread. I am not connected to the usb c port while attempting to boot. I do not have the recovery header shorted either. What is happening now is LED 0 flashes for roughly 200 milliseconds and then turns off, and the fan spins for the same time. This cycle is repeating endlessly. The behavior remains the same when attempting to boot it from the SD card, or when trying to connect to a pc via the usb c port.
  3. I installed a Quectel EC25-AF mpcie card, I know it's not on the QVL, but someone had mentioned they were using one without issue. After installing the card the tinker edge r will no longer boot and only flashed a red light on led 0. I can't find any documentation on what might be wrong. I'm hoping this thing isn't fried. Does anyone have any insight?
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