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  1. Thanks Patrician, unfortunately when I followed the links for 2.0.4 (as well as the version immediately before, and after it) the links came back as '404'. Tried on 2 different PCs so I figure the files are simply no longer hosted.
  2. Was handed what I thought was a RasPi 3, and turned out to be a Tinker Board 1.2 (never heard of it before). Task at hand is to use the Tinker Board as a WiFi Access Point in a worksite wired with CAT5 going to a switch and router with DHCP, and is connected to the internet. Followed instructions for setting up Tinker OS 2.0.4 as a WiFi AP (Router actually) which I found here: https://www.tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/thread-997.html Unfortunately didn't work. SSID did broadcast, but I couldn't connect on WiFi despite obviously knowing the correct WPA password. Not sure but I suspect the OS has morphed enough in the last 3 years that the instructions on the above link are no longer functional (they are from Jan 2018 after all). Is anyone running a Tinker Board / Tinker OS 2.1.16 as a WiFi Access Point? Can they get me pointed in the right direction to use Tinker OS 2.1.16 as a Wireless AP? Failing that, is there an archived image of Tinker OS 2.0.4 is available for download somewhere, so I could try the above instructions out on the OS version for which they were intended? -FP
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