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  1. I think I found the place: https://github.com/TinkerBoard/debian_kernel/blob/linux4.4-rk3288-tb/drivers/board-info/board-info.c#L78 But as far as I see this is distinguishing the different board versions, but not the revisions of the board.
  2. Thanks a lot for this feedback @tooz On my board there is no /proc/board* node, unfortunately. I think I have a rev1 board here, will check with a rev2 one asap.. I might have to mention that we have a custom OS running on our boards, that's built according to a Yocto receipt Can you give me a pointer how these /proc entries are being established maybe?
  3. Hello community We have been using a good number of tinkerboards for a while, starting with the original R1.x but recently also adding R2.x ones Now we wonder if we can somehow programmatically figure out (during runtime) what revision we are running our software on. Is there any way to get at this information? Maybe serial number conventions or some other secret eeprom registers? Thanks for pointers!
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