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  1. My PC does not recognize TinkerBoard2S. ■My environment PC : Macbook Air M2 OS : MacOS(Sonoma) ■Symptom to be solved TinkerBoad2S (hereinafter called 2S) is connected to a 15V/3A AC adapter. 2S and PC are connected via USB cable (Type-C), and power is applied to 2S. No new devices appear in the Finder of MacOS. I would like to know why my Macbook does not recognize the 2S. The following small message appears on my Macbook. "Unsupported device." The cable I use is a Type-C cable that supports high-speed communication. I use it to connect SDD to my Macbook. I cannot transfer the OS image because the PC does not recognize my 2S. Is it possible to set up the 2S on a MacbookAir M2?
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