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  1. Jens

    I2C Speed

    Thanks again for the great answer. I guess that solves my initial problem. Excelent support!
  2. Jens

    I2C Speed

    Another question: Is there any way to change the speed to 100k ? If I interpret the specs for the RK3399 correctly it should be capable of speeds up to 400k. Jens
  3. Jens

    I2C Speed

    Thank you for the quick and very comprehensive response. I can now change either i2c-bus 6 or 7 to 10k but how do I change both? Thanks in advance, Jens
  4. Jens

    I2C Speed

    Hello everyone, Can anyone guide me on how to adjust the speed for the two i2c busses on my Tinker Board 2 running Linux? Thanks in advance, Jens
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