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  1. hello @tooz Tinker_Board_2-Android11-v2.0.15-20230601.img
  2. @tooz There is no clock-frequency there.
  3. I'm trying what you mentioned. I've also seen the same approach in other articles, but in my experiments, I couldn't verify that it has successfully changed the speed. On Android, "i2cspeed.sh" doesn't seem to execute. How can I change 100K to 400K or any other value?
  4. I've looked at other articles, but there's nothing about the settings for the Android version here. The current specifications I've gathered for I2C range from 100k to 400k, and it's also mentioned that it can be 1M, but I haven't found how to set it. I'd like to know what its minimum can be.
  5. thanks for reply tooz I have connected ADC and DAC. Initially, they functioned properly, but after frequent input and output data operations, I noticed that the returned data became incorrect.
  6. Devices :Tinker board 2s Sometimes, devices will block the I2C bus, but I want to resolve this issue through software without the need for a reboot or power cycling. I have some ideas, such as altering GPIO status, but this method has proven unsuccessful. I hope someone can provide a viable solution.
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