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  1. Thanks @tooz, Can you send me a doc with use guide ? The lib is working, but when i use the test who u send is not working
  2. Hello @tooz, so is there any way for me to test the GPIO ports with the Tinker 3N? Any library, SDK, or code?
  3. Hello, my name is Alexandre Baiocco, and I'm from Brazil. I'm having an issue with the TINKER 3N environment. I installed the library and all dependencies on Tinker3N, which is running Debian 11. Everything was installed correctly and reviewed. However, when I try to use the tests already done on GitHub (https://github.com/TinkerBoard/gpio_lib_python.git), I'm getting an error with the import statement "import ASUS.GPIO as GPIO." When I open the ASUS folder and check the init.py file, there is nothing in it. Is that correct? Could you help me with what to do? I've been stuck with this problem, and I can't seem to resolve it in any way.
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