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    LTE modem

    As I do have a couple of EM06-E that I have tried to connect, however I am not sure how it should look or what settings I need to have set in the Android OS for it connect.
  2. JFB

    LTE modem

    @tooz Much appreciated, how would I connect to the usb modem if it was a supported modem? Is there specific setting I need to have set, such as USB configuration, to get the board to recognize and use the cellular network?
  3. JFB

    LTE modem

    Good day @tooz Yes I load Android 12 v3.0.2 and ha e it working on the board. I am able to get WiFi up, however it seems not to recognize the USB modem with the Quectel EP06-A, which does have an active SIM card. Are there drivers I need to install?
  4. JFB

    LTE modem

    I have a tinker board 2S and a EP06-A Quectel modem. How can I get the Android OS to recognize the modem to get on the cellular network?
  5. @tooz Thank you for the information!
  6. Or would it be better to use a LTE USB dongle to be able to connect to a cellular network.
  7. What is a good support LTE HAT for the Tinker 2S running Android OS?
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