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  1. Hello tooz The board is not connected to any other peripherals. By peripherals do you mean like HDMI cable and stuff? No. I am using Samsung laptop, the os is Windows 11. I tried connecting it to my desktop computer but it also can't recognize the board. What do you mean by when its' not connected to the laptop? Thanks
  2. I am using the power supply that came with the asus tinker board when I bought it. Doesn't that still qualify? The red LED comes on when I connect the power supply.
  3. Hi, My PC doesn't recognize my tinkerboard S. Would this be a problem with my tinkerboard or my PC setup? The red led is on when I connect the power cable. A USB-C cable connects the tinkerboard to the PC. However, the PC gives no response when the USB-C cable is plugged in nor do I see anything under device manager indicating a COM port connection. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
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