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  1. Joe, I'm not sure how I could do that. As I said, all I am doing is using Etcher on a Mac. After which, Ether says the image does not appear valid, and when I insert the SD into the Mac it says it needs to be initialized. So have no idea how I could image that for you. Is there some justifiable reason that 2.2.2 needs to be a different format? I rather liked the ability to be able to mount the image on my Mac and customize it if desired. This "custom format" or whatever just sure seems more trouble than it's worth. I would like just a normal IMG file that is easily verifiable. --J
  2. I appreciate the help, thank you. My Etcher was 1.5.115, I updated it to 1.5.116, but still the same. The file size of the IMG matches. But I still get the error (warning) from Etcher that the volume is not valid, and when inserted into Tinkerboard it doesn't boot. I really don't mean to be difficult, I'm sorry, it is just not working for me. I repeat the steps with the 2.1.16 download, and it boots right up. No matter how many times I shampoo rinse and repeat, it does not boot. So I don't know what to say. What else can I try? --J
  3. Any chance I can get some actual assistance on this? As I have said, using balenaEtcher on a Mac reports an error, and the resultant SD does not boot. --J
  4. I can confirm, that yet again, it does not work. The downloaded IMG file, which all resources say Mac OS should be able to mount, is unable to be mounted. balenaEtcher, after flashing the SD, reports the image is not valid. And when using that SD to attempt to boot up, nothing happens. Almost as if.... the IMG file not a valid IMG file..... --J
  5. As I stated, I am on a Mac, using balenaEtcher to image the SD. Macs can mount an IMG file. But it can't mount 2.2.2. and balenaEtcher says that it is not a valid image. And I wasn't just looking at the extension, thank you for your condescending attitude. I was looking at the files themselves. 2.0.11: https://imgur.com/a/TctNGVR 2.1.11: https://imgur.com/a/U5yPTJW 2.1.16: https://imgur.com/a/OgY19qB 2.2.2: https://imgur.com/a/wO3QOdZ --J
  6. The 2.2.2 IMG file is *not* an IMG file. I made little screenshots to show this to you, but the forum won't allow me to upload them. So this is just laughable at this point. --J
  7. My problem is that IMG file is invalid. All previous releases are a valid IMG file, 2.2.2 is not. I asked before, I'll ask again -- does it work for you? Eh, I already know the answer, no it doesn't, you thought you'd just through some fun technobabble at me. This is insane. It is a very nice board, worlds better engineering than a Raspberry Pi, but this "support" is beyond pathetic. --J
  8. Now that I pause to compare the actual IMG files, it's patently obvious, that is not an IMG file. So no, it doesn't work for you, or for anybody. And it's taken you weeks to even approve this post. I started out very excited with the Tinkerboard, but now I guess I can see that this is just not ready for prime time, with no serious level of support. For something that is... really quite easy to address. We're talking replacing an incorrect file download, something that should have taken a few minutes. And yet, here we are.... --J
  9. As I said, it is unreadable after I flash it (balenaEtcher on a Mac). If I flash a previous version, the SD is readable and functional. I have to ask - does it work for you? --J
  10. I saw there was a 2.2.2 release today and got very excited. But when I image the SD it is unreadable. Am I missing something? Perhaps I downloaded it before it's ready? --J
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