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  1. Which device is the right one to install the Kernel on? My TinkerOS V2.2.2 on my Tinker Board S shows me the following devices:
  2. What are the commands to build the kernel img file for the Tinker Board S?
  3. This SOP is for Tinker Board 2. I'm using Tinker Board S. Should this also work for Tinker Board S?
  4. I have compiled my own kernel for the Tinker Board Debian OS V2.2.2. But i cannot replace the old zImage file because since version 2.2.2 it is no longer stored at /boot/. How can i switch the kernel in version 2.2.2? I have seen that asus switched to uefi boot and there are 8 seperated partitions insted od two. In which one is the kernel stored and how can i mount these partitions? Regards, Frank
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