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  1. Hi guys, I was wanting to change the android startup logo, there are two steps, the tinker board logo and the animated ANDROID logo, is it possible to change both? I tried following the instructions from the website:https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Boot-logo But nothing happens, I'm doing the adb through the typeC connector, and putting the following commands: 2.2 adb root 2.3 adb remount 2.4 adb push bootanimation.zip /system/media/ 2.5 adb shell 2.6 sync 2.7 reboot 2.8 After rebooted, the logo is on the screen. All commands are performed successfully, but when rebooting the tinkerboard logo still remains, nothing happens. I created my logo in 1920x1080 resolution 24bit color bmp format, and renamed it to logo.bmp and added it to the .zip named bootanimation.zip The question is, do you need a right name for the image? what can i be doing wrong? Thanks
  2. Good afternoon everyone, is it true that this version of the tinker still with a Micro Sd Card or the other one with 16gb Emmc will stop being produced? and will a new revised version with Android 10 or 11 be manufactured instead? such a tinker board light where we won't have the wifi card on it, is that true? in case it happens is it possible to have some backwards compatibility of android 7 versions in this possible new light version? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I ended up discovering a problem that helped me with version 7, version that gave me some problems since in 6 it didn't happen and it worked perfectly, I have two applications that do the same thing but we are building a new one to abandon the older one made in xamarin. In the newest version developed in android studio, we were having problems playing .mp4/h264 content, always when it reached the end of the video it remained there frozen as if it had been paused, so it took several seconds for it to play the next video. So we saw that we had a prepareAsync() method in the code, and we decided to change it to just prepare() and it solved our problem, that delay in exchanging contents was solved. It happens that in this other application made in Xamarin we cannot change this method since it is based on Xamarin we do not have access to Android.Mono build which is responsible for distributing the Android libraries. But as we are building a new system in android studio we can see that inside the setPathUri() call of the videoView class we can see prepareAsync() being called after a few built-in method calls. Thus we can conclude that the videoView calls prepareAsync() based on Xamarim. The strange thing is that despite being different systems in the official asus 6.0 or it doesn't work perfectly, or in any other hardware and only different also only in the 7 here from Asus doesn't work. How can I change this method any suggestions? in the Xamarin. Thank you all.
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