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  1. Try to put the jumper in Maskrom mode and see if it helps
  2. Hi, I've noticed that there is a new version of Android ROM in the download section: Tinker Board S R2.0 Android 11 V0.0.2-1 This ROM is shown when i pick the Tinker-Board R2.0 option from the dropdown menu, but still says 'Tinker Board S R.2.0' in its name... So, is it valid for Tinker-Board R2.0 or not ? Also i would be glad if someone could post a help topic about rooting the ROM using magisk... because i cannot event enter recovery mode in order to install it. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am trying to boot into recovery mode like explained on the above... but nothing happens. I made sure that the jumper is in Makrom mode, but it just boots back into the normal ROM on the sdcard. Im using the TinkerBoard R2.0 with latest android 11 image installed.
  4. We are currently using Tinker Board R1.2, which reached its eof, and are no longer supported. We have received some new Tinker Boards R2.0, which supposed to get an android 7.0 image with updated drivers and now we have to make the Android 7 Image to function like our old Android 6 image (since its no longer supported)... Is there an estimate for the release of this updated android 7 rom which should be compatible with Tinker Board R2.0? Also, please consider providing a detailed guide of how to root the image and get SuperSU for applications once its out... Thanks.
  5. Thank you for your answer, I will try to use factory reset on our image, and see how the system will react.
  6. We supply our clients with our custom android image on an sdcard with our apps and settings preinstalled. Is it possible to somehow implement a custom factory reset feature that will return the sdcard to its 'factory' state?
  7. Which android 7 version is it based on ? 7? or 7.1?
  8. Hi, is there a guide how to root this version ? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Im pretty much new to ROM development for SBCs and i would like to get some info before i start working with Tinker 2 and Android, to understand if it fits my employers requirements. What we have at the moment: Tinker Board 1, with android 6 ROM, which has linux running in a chroot environment, and communicates with it via socket communication. Admin application which has root access, can run background processes without hindrance from the system, can install/uninstall/disable packages, and remount /system folders as RW when needed. IPC available for the Linux to communicate with USB ports to communicate with a depth camera. (Maybe im missing some things, but those are the main features that currently in use.) Now we need to upgrade the system to Tinker Board 2 with Android 10 and i need to know if its possible to port all the things we used on previous board, and make them work the same on the new board with an updated OS. I am aware of the changes that the Admin application will have to undergo when moving from Android 6 to Android 10, but since i dont have any experience with SBCs and embedded systems, i am more worried about the Linux/Hardware parts... Some questions are probably too simple or not related, but ill ask anyway... : What are the options that are enabled in the official android 10 rom? Do we have root access? Can we grant apps root access? Is the file system RW enabled? If there is a spec sheet id be happy if someone points me to it. And lastly, is it possible for me to take the open source in github and compile a fully custom ROM image based on the official ROM? if so, id be happy to get some info on how to do that.. Is there an active support channel for development with the Android ROM currently available ? Thanks in advance for all the answers and support.
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